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Why Should I Choose Key Realty Southwest as a Real Estate Agent?

At Key Realty Southwest, new associates start at a 70%/30% split (yes, with 100% payout on bonuses), after the first 2 transactions the commission split goes to a 80%/20% split. After 2 transactions at the 80%/20% split we feel an agent is experienced in the real estate business and they are graduated to a 90%/10% split for life. 

It is common in the industry for newer associates and lower-producing associates (in terms of dollars, not number of deals) to have lower commission splits. Newer agents require more training and oversight, and higher-producing associates are rewarded with higher percentages. This acts as a mutually-beneficial incentive for all associates to produce more income.

Key Realty Southwest is more than just another brokerage where you can get a fair commission split. We were created to serve agents and to help agents better serve their customers. Key Realty Southwest (KRSW) was designed to foster teamwork, which is uncommon in this industry. KRSW is an ethical, principles-based brokerage for real estate professionals. We look to provide concierge-like services for our real estate clients.


In addition to competitive compensation plans, KRSW includes extra benefits compared to other brokerages:

  • Accessible, knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, tech-savvy broker/owner

  • Cloud-based, paperless brokerage (work from anywhere, from any device)

  • 500 high-quality, double-sided business cards

  • Transaction Coordinator Accessible for all Agents

  • Earn additional income by referring other new or experienced associates

Key Realty Southwest also offers a lead and conversion plan for an additional $60 per month that includes all of the above in addition to:

  • Agent Webpage

  • Round Robin Internet Leads

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

  • Unlimited tech support

  • Company Email Address

  • Personalized Training

To compare, no other broker provides our full package of benefits, and here is a comparison list from a typical broker:


  • Legacy technology and systems; not tech-savvy

  • No In-Office Transaction Coordinator

  • Paper and office based; not mobile-friendly

  • No CRM provided

  • Email may be provided, but it may not be enterprise-grade

  • No Tech Support

  • Some brokers offer recruiting bonuses, some don’t.

Bottom line, Key Realty Southwest is the best value real estate brokerage in the Las Vegas Valley because we’re committed to innovation, efficient use of resources, and professionalism.

NO Franchise Fees

Key Realty Southwest is a locally owned and operated brokerage, not a franchise. When comparing expected compensation, don’t forget to consider that pesky Franchise Fee.

A Franchise Fee is worse than the broker’s split because it gets taken off the top, and then your commission split is based on the amount left over. 

  • Example 1: $3,000 commission – 7% Franchise Fee = $2,790. Your 60% split is now $2,790 * 60% = $1,674, a loss of $126. Of course, that fee grows as your commissions grow.

  • Example 2: $10,000 commission at an 80% split would be $8,000 income to you. Instead, it’s reduced to $7,440 if there’s a 7% Franchise Fee — a difference of $560.


You can give yourself a raise simply by signing up with Key Realty Southwest instead of with a brokerage with a Franchise Fee. They’ll tell you it’s to have access to all their tools and training and their brand name, but studies have consistently shown that clients choose the individual agents and often don’t even recognize the brokerage they're affiliated with. It’s a hard thing to believe for those of us in the industry who are so focused on branding, but it’s been proven over and over.


If you compare Key Realty Southwest simple, straightforward, commission structure, fees, and benefits, you’ll realize how competitive we really are. We are fond of the saying, “Make your broker earn their split!”

Call or email us today for a private broker interview at 702-560-5904 or


Our powerful online presence is an asset to our sellers whose properties are featured prominently, and to our buyers and agents who are able to stay in sync while searching for a home. We automate print and digital marketing for our agents so they stay top of mind with their clients and we notify our agents the moment their clients exhibit interest in real estate. Our tightly integrated CRM, website and mobile apps are truly a competitive advantage for our agents.

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